"Searched too many bytes" error, stops playing

/e/Systems Teracube 2e phone, 2021 version

Android 11 /e/OS 1.3.20220905216075

AntennaPod 2.6.2 originally downloaded from F-Droid, updated once via /e/OS App Lounge

Randomly when playing a podcast, an error will pop up which states “Searched too many bytes”.

This seems to occur on any random podcast, not just one single podcast.

Tapping the “Play” button won’t get it playing again, you have to advance or back up the playback time a bit, then hit “Play” and it’ll start working again.

It’s not a frequent error, it’s only happened 5 times since I started using AntennaPod.

The error means that the server of the podcast creator somehow doesn’t like you streaming the episode. Maybe that happens because you skipped forwards/backwards a few times and the server decided that’s too much. Downloading instead of streaming will completely avoid this problem.

No, I’m not streaming the podcasts. I download all of them, and when it happens, I haven’t touched the phone for hours, no skipping forward/backward.