Searching on PodcastIndex results in error

AntennaPod Version
2.3.1 (8b183915b)

Phone Moto G5

Searing any keyword under “Search” seems to result in
the following error.

" Response{protocol=h2,code=401, message=,

And a retry button underneath, clicking which results in the same result.

(image included hopefully will show through.)

Hmm, it works for me - both the Google Play version and the F-Droid version. Do you use a VPN or anything else that could interfere with the network connection?

I do use a firewall (‘Karma firewall’ the little key in icon in
notification bar) and i thought as much so i turned it off entirely
and relaunched AntennaPod and it’s the exact same result. Besides all
the other searches categories work with it on since i’ve added an
exception for the app. Could it be something else?

Hmm, I currently can’t come up with another reason. Maybe try another WiFi network or something.