Selctive Refresh of Podcast in a tag

App version: 2.7.1 from Google Play (state whether from Google Play/F-Droid/Custom built APK)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
If I see it correctly, it’s currently only possible to refresh single podcasts while have them open, or refresh them all at once.
Since my list of podcasts has grown significantly over time, I started organizing them using tags.
Often I’m only interested in fetching the latest episodes for podcasts that belong to a certain tag. (e.g. the ‘favorite’ tag). Also refreshing all my podcasts does take a significant amount of time and I’m not interested in most of the new episodes its fetching.

Suggested solution:
My personally preferred solution:
While in the subscription tap: Change the behavior of the refresh button in the top row.
→ Change behavior of icon A

If the user has currently a tag opened: only refresh the podcast belonging to this tag.
This would also keep it consistent with the behavior of the refresh button if only one particular podcast is opened: Then it also only refreshes that podcast feed.

Alternative Solution:
An alternative suggestion would be to add a new button to refresh only refresh the podcast belonging to the currently selected tag.
→ Add new icon B (or similar)


One existing function that could help with avoiding the delay in refreshing a large list of podcasts is to set the Refresh interval in Settings → Network to something suitable, the minimum interval offered being every hour. That would happen in the background allowing you to get on with something else.

Thanks for pointing this out. However, this does not suit my purpose. I prefer to get updates on a pull-basis and try to minimize background network traffic on my phone (especially since updating my big list of podcasts usually downloads quite some data).

A refresh uses very little data. Or do you mean you automatically download new episodes as they are found? If you are concerned about mobile date usage then you can also set the Mobile Updates option accordingly.

If you have many subscriptions, refreshing can take quite a bit of data as well :slight_smile:

What are we talking here? Under a hundred bytes per episode compared to around 200 Mega-bytes for an hour’s worth of download?

I have seen feeds with about 2 MB (because they specify the descriptions multiple times for each episode)

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I just timed it: to refresh all my 81 subscriptions, it takes around 95 seconds.
Ideally, I would like just hit the refresh button (or pull down from the top) in while in my ‘favorites’ tag and only update the 15 podcasts in there, in which case, I would see the results I’m interested in much faster.