Select folder and support language-specific signs like äöüß

Hi, thx for the great app.
I tried to save files, but i can only choose internal or external storage, no folder. How coud i get this working?

Antennapod dose not support language-special signs supported, like äöüß. Why?


New Android versions (starting with 11) make it really hard to use specific folders. That’s because in the past, apps have filled the sd card with more and more folders that can’t automatically get removed when uninstalling the app. Because it’s a completely new system, we would have to rewrite large parts of AntennaPod to be able to freely set the folder and even if we did, it would likely be less reliable when you permissions get revoked etc.

What do you mean with supporting umlauts? Do you mean for the file names or in the episode metadata?

Umlauts in file+folder names should be possible. Makes searching + reading easier. 0Making file names useable for Windows would be nice.
Readable date would be nice.
I.e.: Gregor der Groe wird zum Papst gewhlt am 39590
Correct with readable date: I.e. Gregor der Große wird zum Papst gewählt am 03.09.590
Date according to Android local settings with leading 0 and separated by dots.
Maybe selectable in options.

My workaround for the deep folder structure is a desktop shortcut created with Total Commander. Best solution would be a shortcut created by Antennapod to the main folder as displayed in options.

Actually, you are not really supposed to use the AntennaPod file structure outside of AntennaPod :wink: The reason why we do not use umlauts is that some file systems have trouble with characters other than a-z.

That’s your very English view to the world. I’ve heard this in the late 80ies with the first PCs.
Saving a file with the browser ist not restricted and uses umlauts without any problem. How cold this work?

I’m from Germany, actually, so I’m using umlauts, too :slight_smile:

Umlauts in file names have caused me quite a bit of trouble in the last years (ftp servers, etc). AntennaPod runs on a huge range of different devices and file systems. So I would rather be safe than sorry.

If I remember correctly, AntennaPod should replace “ä” with “a” instead of simply removing the umlauts like in your examples above. What version of the app are you using?

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Aktuelle Version, Dateiname kann von einer älteren Version stammen.

(I prefer to stick to English here, so that others can read the replies)

Okay, so if the current version (which is either 2.1.3, 2.1.4 or 2.2.0-beta2, depending on where you got the app) still removes umlauts for you instead of replacing them with a more “safe” character, just let me know :slight_smile: I think it’s pretty okay to read file names that just miss the dots on top of characters.

So there is no intention to use umlauts und you want decide that safer characters are good for me.
AntennaPod 2.1.4

I, personally, don’t think that we should add umlauts to the folder structure. Another reason is that starting with Android 11, you can no longer access AntennaPod’s internal files anyway. It sounds like you are copying files to your PC. Do you know gpodder? It’s a PC application for podcasts that has a (somewhat unreliable) sync service that also works together with AntennaPod.