Selective automatic sleep by connected Bluetooth device

App version: 2.5.1 from Google Play

Currently i have AntennaPod configured to automatically sleep after 15 minutes. I mostly listen to podcasts when going to sleep using Bluetooth headphones.

Recently I’ve been communicating on a more regular basis and listen in the car. My phone is connected to the car stereo via Bluetooth.

When connected to the car stereo AntennaPod is still sleeping after 15 minutes (expected behaviour as things stand).

Feature being requested
Permit AntennaPod to config sleep profiles my Bluetooth device. Eg, if connected to my car via Bluetooth then don’t automatically sleep. But if connected to my sleep headphones then automatically sleep after 15 minutes

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I like the idea but it is quite specific I must say. I could imagine this being made available in the settings somehow (if even technically possible, which I’m not sure - maybe Android doesn’t allow access to BT names, just as we don’t get access to WiFi network names any-more).

Risk is, however, that a user would set this up for a specific device, forgets about the setting, and then doesn’t understand why/gets frustrated about AntennaPod always turning on the sleep timer.

@ByteHamster D’you think you might accept a PR for this?

(The improvement to the sleep timer to get the highest priority would be the more popular stop at end of track, so this one might take a longer time if accepted.)

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Hmm, this feels extremely specific. I’m not even sure we actually have access to the bluetooth device name without adding more permissions. It might need the location permission like when getting the name of WiFi access points. Users did not like the addition of that permission back a few years ago.

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