SEO: Help raise awareness of AntennaPod in Google Play Store

Do we want to change the title or publisher name on Google Play, so AntennaPod can be found more easily? This thread is to continue the discussion on GitHub. Make sure to read the thread there before posting here.

On Jan 2, I changed the title for German users from AntennaPod to AntennaPod - Podcast-Manager. You can find the number of acquired users in the image below. There is a general (slow) upwards trend but I do not think that the change makes a difference.

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I think there is a general upwards trend, even before the change.

Definitely agree that ’ Podcast’ needs to be somewhere the search engine index looks. Whether that’s in the title or tag line or … (Shrug).

‘Ad-free’ is certainly what I use all the time when ranking unknown apps I wish to try. And then ‘open-source’, but I don’t try that as often because it just doesn’t seem to work as a keyword on the Play store.