Set up on a local machine

In the synchronisation section on AntennaPod app it says that “ is an open-source podcast synchronisation service that you can install on your own server”. I wonder if anyone did it actually and is it possible to install it on a local machine (I use Ubuntu Linux) or probably on a NAS. I am trying to find a tutorial to do it.

Not a tutorial but maybe it helps to get started:

Another option that’s probably easier to host than would be micro-gpodder-server

If self hosting interests you, it is possibly worthwhile to just spin up a Nextcloud instance and install the gPoddersync Nextcloud app and have the benefit of the rest of Nextcloud like online docs, filesharing, sync backends, etc.

There is a preconfigured Nextcloud server snap that is easy to deploy, or you can follow instructions on for Nextcloud.

If you want to make it internet accessible you can just sign up for a ddns url like and set up port forwarding in your router.

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