Setting to disable Discover feature

Hello! I’ve been comparing all the FOSS podcast apps and AntennaPod turned out on top!
My only peeve with the app is the Discover feature in the Add Pocast menu; I like my apps to only retrieve data and/or use the internet when I explicitly tell them to instead of activating the process whenever I enter a menu section.
Additionally I just generally don’t use discovery features so it would be less visual clutter to me.

Also, maybe I should make another topic for this but the “View Mailing List” button redirects to the old Google-based service (shudders) so maybe that should be changed to this lovely forum?

I agree with both of your points.

Part of the Newbie Questions discussion touches on something related to the discovery feature. Because AntennaPod is not connected to a central server (nor do I want it to be), the discovery feature is and will remain rather limited, in my understanding.

Obviously, it will not be a part of the 2.0 release, but I think being able to hide or disable the Discovery portion of that screen would be a welcome addition.

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I am not in favor of adding a setting for that. Each and every setting makes the app harder to maintain and harder to understand for new users. AntennaPod has a huge amount of settings. So many, in fact, that users regularly complain that something is not working as expected, when actually, they have just changed the setting a while ago.
If you are interested in reading more about why fewer settings are usually preferable, I can suggest the following article: Why not add an option for that?

The discover feature is really generic. AntennaPod does not send any data about your subscriptions or your listening behavior. It even clears cookies automatically every time you re-start the app. Also, it only happens if you click the menu item, so you already plan to start a network connection for adding a new podcast.

Did you know that you can hide the whole “Add podcast” page by long-pressing? That way, you can not click it on accident.

This is already changed in the beta releases of version 2.0.0, which are currently only available on Google Play.

Oh I didn’t mean the data part as a privacy concern, the privacy policy makes all that pretty clear. And the page customization would just hide the problem.
I was under the assumption that the option would have little maintenance cost but that blog post cleared stuff up. Good point about already planning on starting a network connection too.
Still though, would be nice to have if you could find a low cost way of doing it :slight_smile:

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