Sharing podcasts with links that directly offer to open them with the podcast app installed

Please integrate a generator for one-click app links that, when clicked, offer to open the podcast directly in your own podcast app. This means that when you click on such a link in your messenger, a dialog from Android appears with the question with which app the link should be opened. It makes sharing a podcast episode to other people with a different podcast app so much more convenient.

You could integrate a service like this:

Even Apple podcast links feature a “one click” open episode with your podcast app:ürger-razzia/id1514470903?i=1000589642610

AntennaPod already integrates about 10 different 1-click methods, including SubscribeOnAndroid.

I believe the request here is that we generate a link that would open sth in AntennaPod. When it comes to subscriptions, we could leverage the subscriptions Deepali knom the website.

(For episodes some more technical discussions need to be had.)

Whats that? Could not find a fitting website.

Is sharing episodes part of this? And if so, how can you create such a link in Antennapod?

I think it’s a shame that after so many years of podcasting, there is no way to share episodes with friends without them having to search for the episode themselves in their podcast app.

At least I haven’t found a good way. The only way I know of is to send Apple Podcast links. Which is really weird.

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I have just given the built in Share function a go and successfully shared a couple of different episodes from different podcasts to a Whatsapp group which then allows you to play the episode. Is this not what you are after?

When you click the shared link, you should be prompted to open it in your default podcast app. Antennapod links only open in the browser, which for me is a hardship solution for listening to podcasts. This partially ruins the usefulness of a podcast app if you can then only open shared episodes in the browser. Or if you have to search for the episode manually in the app to listen to it there. This is as if to share a website instead of the link only the page title and the recipient must first search for it with his search engine to be able to view it.

Exactly for this purpose there are app links. So I don’t understand why that’s not being used.

Just try to open the apple podcast link to see the difference.

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I think one thing that will prevent it is that you can’t add an episode for a podcast you’re not subscribed to.
So, imho, the best AntennaPod could do is offering you to preview it. :confused:

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The reason why no one does this is because episodes do not really exist without a podcast. A single episode is just a media file. In a podcast player that is not a platform, you cannot have single episodes without subscribing to the whole podcast.

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I often do that with Pocket Cast and did with Castbox. Because I want to listen to a few episodes first before I subscribe to the channel.

Sharing a podcast episode is not only intended for Antennapod users. None of my friends use AntennaPod, which I want to change. Therefore, this restriction does not matter for the time being.


There are several podcast apps that do just that (as esuto mentions above). It can be a very desirable thing to do when one is not interested in a podcast in general, however, there is one episode that has an interesting subject, or an interesting guest. Being able to queue such an episode without subscribing to the entire podcast is very useful.

Okay, there might be different definitions for “platforms”. I meant centralized apps where the logic sits on the server, not in the app. These apps won’t work without connecting to the app developer’s server. More details here: Central and distributed podcast apps – AntennaPod

Yes, and as the text from the link states, AntennaPod is not such an app (AntennaPod is distributed not centralized).

Most of what is needed to queue a single episode is already available in AntennaPod. All that would have to be added is a single folder intended at the storage place for downloaded single episode (subscribing to a folder is already available in the app). Then, when a user finds a single episode that is interesting, the user could choose to “download” instead of “preview” (the download option would need to be added). The downloaded episode would be saved in the folder for single episodes. Downloaded episodes would then be added to the queue.

The notion that this is not possible is odd. Again, other podcast apps do something very similar.

I can accept that it may be chosen not to add this to AntennaPod, however, the assertion that it is not possible…

The reason why no one does this…

…you cannot have single episodes without subscribing to the whole podcast.

…you can’t add an episode for a podcast you’re not subscribed to.

is not correct.

Again, I can accept that it might be chosen not to implement such a feature, but it is possible to do.

I also cannot follow the reasoning. If a subscription is necessary, why not just invisible/temporary subscriptions?

But my question is more the share link generation.

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Sorry, autocorrect messed that up I think. I meant to write:

When it comes to subscriptions, we could leverage the subscriptions deeplink from the website.

More info here: Create an 'Open in AntennaPod' link – AntennaPod

That is indeed the solution that has been discussed here: [UX] Add single episode without subscribing to podcast · Issue #4710 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub