Show podcast names in Subscriptions

Hi guys. First of all I want to thank the whole AntennaPod community and especially the developers for bringing forward in an open source way such great app.

I would have a new feature request that I think it would be useful and relatively easy to implement. When I click on the Subscriptions section of the menu, I can see the list of all the podcasts to which I’m currently subscribed. In such list the podcast are displayed exclusively using the podcast image/logo. My suggestion would be to add the possibility of showing the podcast names in such a list.

Such a new feature would be particularly useful in those cases where the subscription list contains different podcasts by the same publisher that are represented by the same image/logo. Indeed currently there is no way to distinguish between podcasts in such cases.

What do you think about it? Is there already a workaround for it? I hope I was clear enough in explaining the problem. Any help/discussion message is appreciated.

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IMHO it’s true it is lacking.
As a bad workaround you could long tap a cover to see podcast name in context menu.

If you tap the Menu option then the drop down list shows at the bottom a list of all subscribed podcasts by name. If you organise related podcasts with the same icon into the same folder then you can show that as expanded under that folder in the Menu drop down list.

Just a tip as a workaround for now.

Thank you guys. Both workarounds work. Probably the one that is closest to the desired feature is the @gomezz one. That’s useful.
Maybe for the future it would be good to implement the desired feature but I understand that this has pretty low priority as workarounds exist.
Thank you both for your answers.