Show podcast title in items of episode lists optionally

App version: all

In the lists of episodes it is often hard to determine what podcast an episode belongs to. The art of podcast covers seems not to be focused on making the podcast’s title obvious when the cover is used small-sized. It becomes even harder when you are using the setting “Use Episode Cover” in the settings of the user interface. Those episode covers are usually plain images without any texts.

Suggested solution:

For a user it would be great to show the podcast’s title in the item of an episode list. So he would be able to see what podcast an episode belongs to easily. There could be a new option in the user interface settings right below “Enable Episiode Cover” to turn this feature on and off.

See my sceenshot on the left demonstarting the problem (episode covers enabled). Most of the items in the list don’t give any hint about the podcast they belong to.

The screenshot on the right illustartes the solution showing how the episode list could look like including the titles of the podcasts: