Sitemap for the new website


Now that we have our new brand, we’re working on a new website too! This thread is to discuss what should be on the website, and how we can organise the content. Here’s what @ByteHamster and I thought of, so far!


  • Homepage: feature list, screenshot(s), open source
  • Get support
    • User forum
    • Documentation (replacing our current FAQ & GitHub wiki)
  • Get involved: develop, translate, help others (= forum), donate, contributors list
    • For developers: how to contribute
    • For testers: Join beta, use GitHub/Forum
    • For donors: how your money is used
  • Blog
  • Media kit: press releases, stickers, brand assets

The website will be multilingual, just like the app (blog is the only exception to this).

We’ve also thought about some non-static elements:

  • feature set: display titles only expand on click to display a short description
  • contributors list: pulled from GH
  • contributions graph: number of commits per week, over the past 6 months (next to a call to ‘join development’)
  • ‘latest release’ badge: display version number
  • ‘what’s new’ section, displaying a list of changes (as you can see in Google Play & F-Droid) [these ‘What’s new’ texts are limited to 500 characters] [connecting to GitHub every time the site loads won’t work: we can either have an ‘intermediary’, or use a “what’s new?” button that loads the changelog from GitHub after clicking]
  • latest forum posts
  • automatic GitHub username recognition: automatically replace @username with a link to the GitHub profile in blog posts
  • language showcase: section where a randomly picked language with 50-99% translations is showcased, inviting visitors to complete this or any other of the languages

And a few things are on the ‘cool to have’ list:

  • interactive demo/introduction to the app (with clicking areas)
  • strictly structured bug report form (issue on GH) [we’d need to find a way to avoid duplicate issues]
  • web statistics respecting users’ privacy: number of cliks (per time period) on the feature cards, and the number of pageviews over time [e.g. using Simple Analytics or Matomo - would need a server side if self-hosted]
  • a Mastodon share link/button [due to its decentralised nature, a user-friendly implementation is challenging: this exists but might be blocked for users as it creates a pop-up]

And some tweaks to the documentation section:

  • include fontawesome icons in the documentation, so we can write things like “Press the cog :gear: icon to …”
  • use Markdown, but use single backticks not to indicate code, but to make it look like a button (maybe some light border around the text), e.g.:
    Please press the button `Add feed`

And some blog categories:

  • Release info
  • Changelog
  • Project update
  • Opinion (e.g. when we want to make a statement about Open Source & audio or sth)
  • Changelog

Please note that very few things mentioned here are set in stone. Any feedback, comment and question is welcome!

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I would make the forum and documentation section top-level menu entries instead of hiding them behind another layer. I think those two (=ways to get support) are basically the main purpose of the website and should therefore be prominent.

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