Skip silence in audio

I suggest the skip silence in audio checkbox be placed where it is more quickly accessible. I liked it where it used to be but now there are too many steps to access it. I use it often depending on the type of podcast I’m listening too. If it is only talk I like the box checked but if there is music in it, iI like it unchecked.

The number of steps is exactly the same as before, plus it is now easier to reach because the button is closer to the bottom of the screen

I would disagree. It might be the same number of steps if you’re going to the main settings area. But if you are streaming a specific episode, there was a button at the top you could open and the there was a check box right there for the skipping of silence. That option is no longer there.

I’m not quite following. If you are in the player you just click the playback speed and the ‘Skip silence in audio’ check box is right there.


@SAFAmerican I’ll set @Nilex’ comment as the solution, but please let us know if (and if so, why) you don’t agree.

Oh I found it. That’s perfect! It used to be a button at the top. Now it’s fine at the bottom. But this is great and works fine. Close this thread! Thank you.

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