Sleep timer: option to enable only while charging

i was thinking - the automatic sleep check box:

“automatically active the sleep timer when pressing play between 22:00 and 06:00”

would be great if we could also ask that IF the above AND the phone is on charge

that would mean late night listens wouldnt activate sleep without the phone being on charge (which i always do when going to bed, so would make the check box a useable function for me)
currently i have a Tasker routine setup to do similar, but it would be neat if i can have this functionality within this app


While I don’t disagree with adding functionality that enhances configuration, in your specific use case, how does adding the check box add anything for you?

You indicated you always charge your phone at night (as do I) so adding the check box doesn’t do anything for your use case because you are already charging so it wouldn’t change the behavior of the app for you.

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well, if i check the “automaticallly activate sleep timer between 2200 and 0600” but im not in bed my pods will stop playing after a pre-set time.

I want to be able to set it and forget it - so whenever I put a pod on at night AND charge my phone the sleep function automatically kicks in

this way, i can have late night listens that arent affected by the sleep function unless i charge my phone too

Fair enough, that seems like a somewhat specific use case.

it’s just an option that would make the automatic sleep function more useful

The sleep timer activation range is adjustable.

So if the default range is to use sleep timer if playing between 10pm and 6am but you typically go to bed at midnight, just set the range to follow your regular bedtime.

Or if I think I’ll be awake for a while and I see that the sleep timer activated, I’ll just open the timer window and add 30 minutes or so.

Your request seems reasonable but I also prefer solutions that require less computer code.

the idea im suggesting is the sleep timer only starts when you put your phone on to charge.

no messing, no pressing other buttons.
if you put your phone on charge between 22:00 and 06:00 sleep timer will start.