[Sleep Timer] Stop playing at the end of episode

Well for the present we can only the timer at like 15 minutes 20 minutes but there’s no such a function as stop playing at the end of episode which is a very great function that available on other podcast platforms like Google podcast or Spotify I really wish this function could be available in the future update.

If you turn off “continuous playback”, playback stops after each episode

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This feature request on GitHub, where AntennaPod development happens: Sleep Timer: Stop at end of episode · Issue #2146 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

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I disagree: This is not the solution to the request. It is a workaround and not even a good one because it means that I have to turn this option on and off multiple times a day. I have seen @keunes forwarding to GitHub but seeing this marked as “solution” is irritating. Also the solution on GitHub (putting the episode at the end) is only a workaround because it’s not possible to do that from the play screen but only from the playlist where I have to find the exact spot of the episode under multiple 100 tracks. So I’d really be glad if that option would be available in the future as it’s standard in most apps, but not the best podcast app on the market (to clarify: I mean Antennapod). Thanks!