Slow download

Sometimes downloading an episode takes an eternity… I listen to a radio show every morning and it sometimes takes 15 mins to download the full episode (150-200 mb). Other days, the whole thing downloads in a matter of seconds.

Any help with:

  1. Speeding it up? Where is the slowdown? Why so much variation in DL time?
  2. Can I set AntennaPod just auto play as soon as it’s finished downloading? This way I don’t have to sit there or lay in bed watching it until it finishes?

I’ve tried auto downloading by title with limited results but went back to just picking the one each day.

Any help appreciated.

Is this variability on different Podcast or on one of them specifically. How many parallel downloads did you set in your preferences? What happens if you set to one parellel download, it could be your WiFi/internet not able to handle multiple streams.

Unlikely. I have a 100 mb connection and only me in the house. I download 1 at a time.

Sometimes they download quick, sometimes they take a very long time. Seems to be all downloads.

When you hit on your phone, what is the speed?

It’s either that some of your podcasts are hosted on a slow server, your Wifi isn’t as fast as you think it is, or you’re sometimes in a Wifi deadzone.