Slow list Refreshing

Refreshing episode lists is way too slow,
I have 21 in list, but it takes 30seconds to do all, every time.

A modern website can have 100+ server connection, but it costs a fraction of the time to load.
Is it parallelised? Any way to disable HTTPS validation? Or what’s going on?


Android version: 12
OS version: 4.14.186-perf-g2e07f915191e
AntennaPod version: 3.4.0
Model: M2004J19C
Device: lancelot
Product: lancelot_global
No crash report recorded

What’s slow is not the network connection but the fact that we need to do a bunch of workarounds for misbehaving podcast servers

Could we think of an improvement where those workarounds are ignored until a problem is faces with processing the feed? Or doesn’t that make sense?

Not really, we can only detect duplicates etc by checking all episodes.

Right, for duplicates that doesn’t work. But do we have some other workarounds (e.g. required to interpret a date that’s in an unexpected format)?

We try the expected date first and only if that doesn’t work we start the workarounds (starting with 3.4.0)

Downloading episodes list is quite slow, but I’m sure authors are doing their best. Congratulations.
BTW - I didn’t see any changes in speed between 3.4.0 and previous versions (in case downloading the episodes list).

The faster feed refresh that we announced in the release notes and social media is mainly affecting feeds with over a thousand episodes. So most feeds are as fast/slow.

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At least we could check the dead/old channels last, so sorting them by last release time.

Here is my channel list

You tell me why is it that slow, every link loads in 1sec in browser.
The biggest one is 2.5MB