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Hey, I am using the AntennaPod app for a few months now and found the smart shuffle option, I’ve been using it and would like to know how it works and which parameters the app uses to rank the queue.

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Hi and welcome to the AntennaPod forum!

Smart shuffle tries to sort your queue so that it is diverse (mixes episodes of different podcasts) and at the same time chronological within a single podcast. Assume you are subscribed to podcasts A, B and C. If your queue looks like AAA BBB CCC, smart shuffle will rotate between the podcasts. The result will be something like this: ABC ABC ABC. Developers sometimes call this method round-robin.

Now, assume your queue has a lot more episodes of one podcast than it has from the podcasts: AA BB CCCCC. Just rotating between them with the round-robin method will leave a bunch of epsiodes from the same podcast at the end of the queue: ABC ABC CCC. Smart shuffle instead tries to spread out the episodes of C evenly. The resulting order is then C ABC C ABC C.

In march, we had a poll on Twitter and users decided that they prefer the spred-out version over the basic round-robin version:

Twitter poll

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