Sort by duration, should be Sort by Remaining Time

If I have 20 minutes left in a podcast, then it should be found, when sorted, with my other podcasts that have 20 minutes remaining. It doesn’t matter if it was 3 hours to start with, what matters is that I finish it on my ride home.


Bump. Its so annoying to have to scroll all the way down to find that podcast I have 20 minutes left of 2 hours total time, because the sort is by total time, not remaining.

Please add sort by time left.

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I would like to see this feature implemented, it sounds great!

Nice idea. I’d rather replace Duration than add this as an extra option.

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Feature request created on the development platform:

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Will we see this in 2.5?

I see what you are getting at but perhaps it should be an alternative rather than a replacement. My thinking is if you have listened to a podcast part-way through then it is of the type that it doesn’t really matter if you have still not reached the end by the time you have finished your listening session. Personally, I tend to stick an episodic podcast of that type at the end of my session playlist to finish off on if I am not sure exactly how long before I stop listening.

Or you are the type of person who listens on a commute and likes to pick a podcast you can finish in a certain amount of time.

If I have a 20 minute ride coming up I want to see all the podcasts I can finish in that time. Who cares if it was 2 hours to start with. What is left?

No. And just a kind reminder that AntennaPod is fully managed by volunteers. Any feature requests that are not crucial for the continuation of the project or important for the core developers will likely have to be implemented by others. So if and when it will get implemented is impossible to say.

Hmm. I see what you mean. However…

… I don’t know in advance how long my ‘session’ will be. So it is impossible to plan ‘I’ll finish these two episodes fully and a bit of this last one’. Instead, I would end up having listened to the first fully, and 2 minutes into the second one. And then I ended up with two half-listened episodes. Repeating the process again, I would end up with three, four partially listened episodes.

So I would rather first finish the one I started initially, and then continue with the rest. Worst case you progress a bit and still one episode is partially listened.

Also, continuing with an episode you started before makes it easier to follow the content as it’s fresher in your memory than when listening some other content in between.

One of AntennaPod’s goals is to keep a clean, understandable interface, keeping it easy to use. The sorting menu already has quite a few options, so I would rather not introduce an extra option if it kinda serves the same purpose. (And so far I don’t really get the argument you put forward; I don’t really see the use-case.)

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I don’t really feel strongly about this. One suggestion would be to filter by Paused to have a look at any part-played episodes that you could be finishing off. I am presuming that will not be more than a handful that can be inspected by eye without scrolling the screen.

I’d like to chime in by saying that I believe there is a use case for having both of them rather than replacing the other.
There are times when you want to determine which are the shortest episodes (such as weekly news) and times when you want to determine which have the shortest times which, like @gomezz stated, is irrelevant. I don’t mind volunteering to add this option.

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Any update on the sort by remaining feature?

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Hi @sid32,
It’s great to hear from you again.
I have contributed to this project for a while. Not sure what the status is on this or other requests.
It’s not that I don’t want to contribute, it appears that other maintainers disagree about many things. If I remember correctly, there were other objectives that had higher priority. So, I can’t say when or if this will ever be included.