Sort Subscriptions by publication date of most recent *unplayed* episodes

I use the Subscriptions overview as my default screen, because the tiled layout is far more compact than the episodes overview. I have the subscriptions sorted by publication date (ie, by the datestamp of the latest episode; with the newest on top), but what I’d really like is being able to sort this overview by the publication date of the last unplayed episode.

I understand this will produce a list very similar to the ‘New’ tab in the Episodes view, but with some important differences. As said, the tiled Subscriptions layout is far more compact than the Episodes list: on my screen I can see 18 subscriptions, but only 7 new episodes. As I mostly listen to news podcasts, the title and other meta data of the episode is not really relevant to me. Furthermore, podcasts sometimes publish a whole series of episodes at once, clogging up the new episodes list.

Before I found AntennaPod, I tried a lot of different podcast apps, and one of them had this feature, I just can’t remember with one. AntennaPod is, of course, the best by far – but I do miss this!