Space full and can't download new episodes

in these day I’ve seen that AntennaPod was not downloading new episodes. After further checks, I’ve found that AntennaPod was using all the disk space available.
I’ve always kept the options to auto-delete the episodes activated. I can suppose that the problem is due to the “swype” to mark the episode as reproduced. This is a feature I’m using only in the last few weeks and I suppose that marking the episode as reproduces doesn’t delete it, does it? I’ve not found any specific option in the Settings, can this be the reason?
If yes, I think there should be an option to delete the episodes when marked as reproduced. I’ve only found the option to remove the episode from the queue when deleted, but in this case I would need to opposite function.


Not sure what you mean - on which screen are you here? Do you mean that you’re in ‘Episodes’ screen ‘New’ tab? Or are you in the Queue screen?

With ‘reproduced’, do you mean ‘played’? (what’s the word in your app language?)

Yes, I’m in the Queue screen and I swype from left to right to remove an episode. The episode is marked as “Played” but (maybe) it is not deleted?

That’s indeed the current behaviour. Someone else also reported this for improvement: Swiping away an episode from the queue does not delete the media file · Issue #4750 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

Thank you very much. I tried to follow the links but it’s hard for me to understand what’s the direction you chose to manage this issue :slight_smile:
I understood that you added an icon that shows the “remove from queue” action and this is good, but I can’t understand if you also delete the episode from the storage. This is my expected behaviour.
Anyway, it’s not a big issue if you can’t delete it, but it should be reported with a pop-up (only the first time) IMHO. A lot of other apps (e.g email clients) use the swipe to delete an email so I suppose that many user expect to delete the file when using the swipe action and if they remove an episode from the queue is because they don’t want to listen it.

Personally, I prefer to not have it deleted when I remove it from the queue, at least not without a confirmation dialogue.

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An option to enable/disable the automatic deletion would be better. We already have an option to remove the episode from the queue when it’s deleted, so the opposite option would be great :slight_smile: