Spanish website translation

I’m also from Spain, and in my day-to-day life tu is what I’ll use, so I’d say we could get it consistent using this form.

Yes, I clearly typed the description in the translation box. I’ve just fixed it right now, thanks for telling me.

If you already have a weblate account or don’t mind making one, you could help me translate there. Otherwise you could suggest there (for that you don’t need an account), or just tell me here, however you preffer, any help is welcome.
I’ll try to get around and start getting all the pronouns consistent this week, but I’d like to hear from you, so we can coordinate a little and get the job done more easily, if you want.

In any case, thanks.


This is also what we’re doing in other translations. So using the ‘informal’ form would be consistent with other parts of the project :slight_smile:

It took me twice as much as I expected, but I can finally say that I finished going over the website translations and they should know be ready.

Sorry for taking more than expected

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Yes, the app is mostly translated using this form, but as a few settings where translated using the other form, it made me doubt.
In fact, I’ll go an correct those few translations for the app.


I pushed the updated translations from Weblate to the translations repository on GitHub. They now still need to be pulled from the translations repo to the main website repo, and then Spanish must be added to the live website. I can’t easily do that as I’m on leave and only have my phone. Maybe @ByteHamster can do it, or I will when I come back after 8 September.

I don’t really known how the translations work, so I will leave that to you :sweat_smile:

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Hi @delthia, @Alex_G,

I’m terribly sorry again for the silence and inaction on my end. I have just pushed translations from the translations to the main branch and resolved a merge conflict for the PR that adds Spanish to the main website.

The website preview has been regenerated: AntennaPod – El Reproductor de Podcast Abierto

I suppose we’re ready to release the site translations to the world wide web?

Hi @delthia, @Alex_G,
I published the Spanish version earlier this week. To announce the news on social media, would either of you be willing to translate this toot?

Our website is also available in Spanish and German! Support pages will now open in these languages, right from the app. Check it out here:

Do you spot any errors, or have an improvement suggestion? Let us know on our forum:

Many thanks to our contributors ❤️

It’s too long for Twitter - I’ll probably have to split it up into a series. As usual, please translate liberally rather than literally :slight_smile:

Hi @keunes
I was just about to answer to the thread, sorry I didn’t do it earlier.
Don’t worry, I was busy, so even if you had been able to push the changes, I couldn’t have translated the toot.
This is the translated message:

¡Nuestro sitio web también está disponible en Español y Alemán! Las páginas de soporte ahora se abren en estos idiomas directamente desde la aplicación. Echa un vistazo aquí:

¿Has visto algún error o crees que se pueden mejorar? Infórmanos en nuestro foro:

Muchas gracias a quienes contribuyen al proyecto ❤️

Thank you. It is great that the project is getting better and that the site has been translated in more and more languages (in fact quite a few since I first wanted to help with the Spanish translation).