Spanish website translation

I’ve translated the antennapod website to spanish, and after talking with @keunes in this github issue, the spanish language was opened on the weblate project and the translations added.
Now the translations have been added there. Today I just checked again and completed some strings whose source was modified and added a few ones.


Hi everyone,

Sorry @delthia for the delay - I first was on a deconnect-holiday and then my phone broke so I lost notifications/interest :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m back now. Thanks for all the work and the ping reminding me of the Spanish translations!

Just like we have done with French and Italian, I would like to have someone review the Spanish version of the website, before we put it live. By reading the translated website (and seeing translations in context) it is easier to see if some improvements might need to be made.

The website preview in Spanish is available here:

If anyone reading this is interested in doing/helping with the review, please let us know in this thread!



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No problem, thanks for putting it so it can be reviewed, as just by reading it myself, I have already found some translations that don’t make much sense that I will be fixing, so it surely is a great thing for the translations to be reviewed by someone else.

I can also say that this is the first open project that I contribute to and has been a great experience so I’ll keep an I around here in case I can help with anything else but coding, as I haven’t got any experience in java, but any other thing that I can help with, I am fine with helping.


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What might work, is asking our current app translators as well as our social media audiences if they’re willing to help. I guess having a message on the target language, in Spanish in this case, would be better than having an English one. If you’re happy to translate this, too, what d’you think of the following?

We're *almost* ready to release our website in Spanish! Now we're looking for 2 people who want to proofread the translated site before we go live. No technical skills required! So: do you use AntennaPod, and are you ready to give back? Check this out!

Translators message:
Dear translator,
Thanks for your help and contributions! In addition to the app, we are now also making our website (and support documentation) available in Spanish. Your fellow volunteer Delthia has already prepared the translations. But before we go live we're looking for 2 people who want to proofread the translated site.
No technical skills required. Do you want to help out? Awesome! Please chip in on our forum here:

Thanks all for your contributions again, and take care.

Best regards,
Keunes & Delthia

Yes, I think that would be awesome, so I’ve just translated both of those messages into Spanish

¡Estamos *casi* listos para lanzar nuestro sitio web en Castellano! Ahora estamos buscando a 2 personas que quieran revisar el sitio traducido antes de estrenarlo. ¡No se necesitan habilidades técnicas! Así que: ¿Utilizas AntennaPod, y estás lista para devolver? ¡Echa un vistazo!

Translators message:
Estimado/a traductor/a:
¡Gracias por tu ayuda y contribuciones! Además de la aplicación, ahora estamos haciendo nuestro sitio web (y documentación de soporte) disponibles en Castellano.
Nuestro compañero voluntario Delthia ya ha preparado las traducciones. Pero antes de ponerlo en producción, estamos buscando 2 personas que quieran revisar el sitio traducido. No se necesitan habilidades técnicas. ¿Quieres ayudar? ¡Genial! Por favor echa un vistazo a nuestro foro aquí:

Gracias por tus contribuciones de nuevo, y cuídate

Keunes y Delthia

I’ll keep an eye around, and thanks for the awesome project and its community.

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Hi @delthia,

Thanks a lot for that! I have one more favour to ask, sorry.

I wanted to send the message to the translators yesterday night. We have 30 app translators (in addition to you - at least, I believe I saw you in the list, too). So I expect we’ll be able to find 1 or 2 people from there. Anyway, on Transifex we also need a Subject line. I think it’d be good to have it in Spanish also. What do you think of the following?

AntennaPod website in Spanish - will you help us proofread?

Thanks again!


Yes, I might have peaked around in transifex, but the application was almost completely translated there.

So the translated subject looks like this:
El sitio web de AntennaPod en Español - ¿Nos ayudas a revisarlo?

Your welcome, and thanks for the project and this community, helping a little bit is the least I can do!

Many thanks again. Messages to Spanish translators on Transifex sent! If in a week we don’t have reviewers, I’ll proceed with the social media messages :slight_smile:

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Hola, la traducción la veo bastante bien, aunque hay algunas cosas que podría cambiar.

He visto que muchas cadenas de “Weblate” ya tienen una sugerencia que me parece mejor. ¿Se van a aplicar esas sugerencias en la versión final?

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Hi, welcome to AntennaPod :slight_smile:

Only the actual translation goes to the website, not the suggestion. So if the suggestions are better, they should be applied.

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@delthia Here you can chek which strings have a comment or a suggestion:

I added you to the Reviewers team on Weblate, so that you can accept or reject suggestions.

If there are any important/urgent ones, it might help @delthia to get pointed to them here, as there are quite a lot of suggestions on Weblate so it might take a while to get through them.

Yes, some strings have suggestions, either from other users, or for me, as for some things that I wasn’t sure about, I suggested them so I could remember later and/or some other user could accept/reject them, but I wouldn’t be a problem for me to have another look around, so I will do that know.

Hola, @Alex_G:
¡Gracias por revisar las traducciones! Si bien es cierto que hay algunas sugerencias, ¿Podrías indicarme cuales sería importante cambiar? Yo le daré una vuelta, pero me sería de ayuda que me indicaras qué se puede mejorar, ya sea en cuanto a cadenas en Weblate, o páginas en sí del sitio de “prueba”

So I’ll get around fixing the site with what I see and when I hear about Alex_G, and whenever we think it is ready I’ll post about here, so when the site is updated, the Spanish translations can hopefully be added

Muchas gracias, @Alex_G
Thank you very much @keunes and @ByteHamster

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Hi @delthia, @Alex_G,

What’s the status with the revisions?

We’re slowly starting the preparation of the 2.7 release. Starting from this version the Documentation will be opened directly in the user’s language, if available. It would be great if we could release the Spanish website version before then and mention it in the release notes :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t be a problem for me to finish the proofread I was doing though next week, is just that these last days didn’t have my computer and I couldn’t find the time for it, but I now that I can I will get to that, as I think what you say would be perfect, so I’ll get to it, an whenever I think is ready I will let you now here.

How should it be done for the release notes? Are they translated in the other platform?

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No worries - we all have our busy periods. And it’s all volunteering, so can’t always be prioritised.

Nope, release notes are never translated (not sure that’s even possible). We might turn it into a blog post, but those aren’t translated either :slight_smile:

I finished proofreading the translations, so I think they shoud now be ready.
I don’t if it would be much help, but in case it was helpful, I would mind translating, or helping wiht an spanish blog translation, that being said, what I find most important to be translated, the main site and the documentation, its already completed.

So, as always, thanks for the project and community, I had a good experience helping a little bit and I will keep an eye around in case I can help.


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Grand! Did you proofread the ‘test version’ of the website, or did you review the suggestions in Weblate?

That’s very kind, but we said we won’t be translating blog posts. We don’t have a big enough community to be translating them consistently, and the blog area of the website currently isn’t ready for translations anyway :slight_smile:


I started by reading the test version, and correcting the strings in weblate, but after some suggestions were added by othes on weblate, and later someone started helping with correcting strings, I focused more on weblate, as I didn’t know how to get the translations converted into a local jekyll site after pulling them from weblate.

Having a closer look to some changes to the transations that were added by others, I find that they aren’t always consistent with how I started translating the site originally, for example:
In spanish there isn’t a word for podcast, we use the english word, but an accent can be added, so it would be pódcast, which is how they have translated it in the app, so its how I went with.

The app was translated using, the usted pronoun, which is a bit more ‘formal’, but for the site I used translated it with the tu pronoun, that although it is less formal, its closer to the reader, and therefore I like more, as I see AntennaPod as an approachable community, and for me that puts the content closer to the user - (I am making this too long, sorry, but I preffer to ask, as I don’t have much experience with this) - what I’m getting to is that some translations and suggestions where the form I didn’t initially use was used inconsistently, sometimes translating as I did, sometimes with the more formal way, so as it is inconssitent I don’t know if who translated that didn’t have time to finish, or it was an oversigh, and I don’t wnat to go and undo other people’s job just because I preffer it translated differently, so i thought I might ask in the forum so I know how to get all consistent, as I think my part is translating the page however it is said that it would be better. Maybe I rambled too much, but I hope I explained my self enough.

Another question I have is, How does antennapod see itself when it comes to free/libre/open?
I usually talk about free software, as in spanish it is said libre, and thus differs from free as in price, which is gratis, so there isn’t a price tag (free or not) attached to that, as with english, which can be confusing with free (as in freedom), and free (as in price), in english is sometimes said FOSS or Open Source. For me Open Source is just that you can see the code, and antennapod would be free/libre (I know, that old discussion), but after translating the app with …antennapod es un proyecto libre, some suggestions were added to use open source (de código abierto), and as I said, I would normally use free/libre, but as I didn’t know how to translate it ‘properly’, I thought I would also ask, so I can get it right.

I hope I got my ideas accross more or less clearly, but as this is my first ‘bigger’ translation project, and the first time interacting with a community like this, this is all new to me and I would like to do it correctly.

Thanks, and sorry for the long answer…


Hi, i’s been read the mail in a couple weeks.

To put myself in context I’m from Spain. I prefer using “tu” rather than “usted”, too.

For most of the suggestions I don’t have a strong opinion on whether to use the original string or the suggested.

This one is obvious, though:

I don’t know what to do now, if I shall tell here what I see, or if I shall edit it myself.
I never used Weblate before.