Start a new episode automatically

Start new automatically
A desired feature is to have the app start new episode automatically, without having to add each episode to a playlist.
Is that possible to create this?
Best wishes


When you say ‘start new episode automatically’ when exactly are you wanting this to happen?

When you say ‘playlist’ are you referring to the queue? You can have things automatically to the queue when they are downloaded and if you are playing items in the queue and they aren’t the last item in the queue, it WILL automatically start playing the next item in the queue if in Settings | Playback in the Queue section you have ‘Continuous playback’ toggled on.

Had to signup because I have this same request. Sometimes, I like to listen through new podcasts without adding them to the queue. I think what OP is saying is for the app to automatically play the next episode without needing to go to the queue first.

The way to do this currently is to use multiselect to add all (or some) of the episodes to the queue then play the queue.


I don’t want to download or need to manually put something in a queue. My wish is that if I visit a podcast with multiple episodes, I want them to play next episode automatically when the one I am listening to is finish.
Do you get my point?

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Thanks for the additional explanation.

I was just pointing out how to do what you want to do as it works in AP currently. It may involve more or different steps to what you would prefer but always remember it is easier for the user to adapt to how an app works than to get an app changed to work the way the user would prefer.


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