Sticky controls in stat bar no longer work unless app is opened first

Started happening very recently so last update at a guess.

App Version: 3.1.0 (91d5238f0) from Play Store

Android version: 13

Device model: Pixel 6a

Expected behaviour: resumes playing when play button pressed in sticky controls

Current behaviour: stick controls show playing but it never plays - when the app is opened the controls are still paused. Sticky controls only work after resuming play in the app itself first.

First occured: recently, in the last week sometime?

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open a podcast and pause it.
  2. Close the app.
  3. Try to resume playing using sticky controls in stat bar.

Environment: using Bluetooth headphones, car Bluetooth adapter, and without Bluetooth, behaviour is the same. Changes to default settings: default start page when app opened, auto download off for all but one podcast.

Have not yet tried reinstalling but will do so shortly.

Seems pixel phones are a PITA!

When you say “stick controls” are you meaning when it’s in the notification area? I’m guessing yes but wanted to clarify.

I generally don’t control media playback via the notification area but I’m seeing similar behavior when using the widget which is usually how I control playback. I will press play on the widget and the widget changes from the pause icon to the play icon but playback doesn’t start and when I go into the app it still shows paused there.

Yeah sorry that’s a typo, should say “sticky” like in the topic title - the mini controls in the stat bar.

Seems they changed something quite critical in the pixel updates!

Thanks for clarifying, I was mostly wanting to make sure I was understanding what you meant by “sticky”. Sounds like it’s the persistent media control in what I call the notification area/bar and you are calling the stat bar.

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