Stop streaming while signal lost

I using AntennaPod for some months now. Great app, congratulations to all people involved. Before I found AntennaPod, I used Castbox.
Problem: When I listen to podcasts, I often drive in areas without a signal or with a terrible signal. Usually, it lasts some minutes. AntennaPod stops streaming podcasts quite soon after I enter the uncovered area. Castbox worked better in that areas. It looks like that has a bigger cache for streaming. I always use streaming and don’t download a podcast before listening. Is there any way to increase the cache size?

Guess no one else will answer this, so sorry for giving an uninformed response. I have no idea.

Would you be able to figure out the answer if digging down through the source code, or did you revert to downloading episodes before heading out into those deserts you’re traversing?

Thank you.
The downloading can be a solution, but I don’t know what episode will be problematic. I usually move interesting episodes to Queue and listen to them as I drive. And I don’t know which episode will be on the playlist when I drive on an area with a bad signal.
There should be a little more cache and it can cover problematic areas.
Otherwise, I should give a compliment to the authors of Antennapod.

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