Storing Podcasts on SD Card

AntennaPod version 3.2.0 – from GooglePlay.

Android 11

Moto G Stylus 2020, 128 GB. 64 GB SD card installed.

I’ve configured AP to download to the card. But I can’t see the downloads. Yet they are probably there. Because there are only 24 free GB on the card, and I only have maybe 60 songs, 30 photos, and 5 short videos on the card. I can’t begin to imagine that this takes up 40 GB of the SD card’s storage.

Again, I’ve gone into AP settings, and changed the Data Folder for downloads to the SD card. But can’t see any podcasts. It’s been like this for at least a year or so, I just haven’t gotten around to working on it.

Two data folders show up when I go to choose data folder. Here is how they appear:

/storage/emulated/0/ 61 GB of 114 GB free.

(This must be the phone’s internal memory, which is 128 GB).

24 GB of 64GB free

I have this latter box selected as my data folder.

Of course, the screen tells me that “AntennaPod will choose appropriate subdirectories.”.

Another strange aspect of this: when I delete podcasts from AP, I do see reductions in used internal memory. I haven’t looked to see if there is a reduction in memory used on the SD card.

I wonder if I should have reformatted the SD card. That wouldn’t be terribly hard – I’d just have to back up some music, pics, videos. But I’ve read that SD cards may have to be reformatted to work as “true” internal memory.

Does anyone out there have guidance on this topic? I’m really curious to know whether SD cards can be used (fairly seamlessly) as internal memory with AntennaPod or not. This could be the determining factor in whether I buy a 128 GB phone or a 256 GB storage phone.

Thanks very much in advance!