Streaming Bluetooth in the car only comes through right speaker

App version: 3.1.1 (8073de55a)

Android version: 13

Device model: Pixel 6a

Expected behaviour: stream podcast over Bluetooth

Current behaviour: sound only comes out of right speaker

First occurred: About a month ago when I downloaded the app. Was a few days after Stitcher was shut down.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Connect to car’s Bluetooth (Honda Odyssey 2016)
  2. Then stream (any) podcast
  3. Then sound only comes through the right side speakers, as if a fader was set to 100% right.

Environment: Default on all settings other than I am streaming. The Bluetooth in my car is standard.

Hi @David_B, welcome to our community forum!

Stupid question, but have you confirmed that

  • your left speaker is actually working?
  • this problem does not exist when using other apps in the same context (BT in your car)?

As far as I’m aware AntennaPod only instructs Android to play audio file x, and Android takes care of the Bluetooth connection.

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