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Hey I’m a newbie to AntennaPod and what a blazing fast app with many good options for customization :+1:

One small thing though, it would be very nice if subscriptions on the subscription page (which is my current home page) could be shown as a list (1 colum) with as the title of the subscription :grin:


Hi @Erik_Andersen
We don’t have a list view currently indeed. (And personally I don’t think I’d be interested in such view, as it’ll lead to rather small images and a lot of text, which I already have in the menu.)

But, as a workaround for now, you might be interested in displaying the title below the cover. To enable this, go to Settings » User Interface » Subscriptions section, and activate “Show subscription title”

Hope that helps!

A list view of subscriptions is shown when you tap the menu button. I too prefer a list view with text as so many podcasts use icons with similar colours and designs so can sometimes make it tricky to spot the one you want.

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