Subscriptions order - add reverse option

App version: 3.0.2 (F-Droid)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
My preferred way of listening to podcast is to “burndown” the backlog, and the easiest way (for me) is to do podcast with least episodes. This also helps being up to date with the podcast - I can do current ones (so then they don’t accumulate) and then do ones from the backlog, and in this case selecting one with least episodes makes the most sense - the easiest way to catch-up and have everything played thus reducing list with (unplayed) podcast.

Currently AntennaPod only allows sorting by number of unplayed episodes but from highest to lowest, which means that in the drawer I see podcasts with lots of episodes at the top and the ones which I would like to listen first at the bottom, thus upon opening the drawer I have to scroll the list.

Suggested solution:
In Subscription section add “Reversed” option to all existing subscription order options (episodes number, alphabetically, publication date, number of played episodes)

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
In Doughnut (macOS) podcast player I can have preferred sorting thus I don’t have to scroll podcast list section almost ever:


I would also love to have the sort option added into the episodes screen.

It’s been suggested that I can add all the episodes to the queue and sort from there but I find it rather clunky to add more than 5000 episodes to the queue just to use this feature.

But you can already sort episodes within podcast view (three dots → sort)… And it has reverse flavours…

Yeah. That I know off.

I was looking for a sort option in the episodes screen. An option that allows me to sort all my episodes across all my shows.

Sorting the episodes screen is already implemented and will be released in AntennaPod 3.1


Amazing. Thanks for your quick reply @ByteHamster

Not quite sure if this covers what I am looking for. I, like many, am subscribed to podcasts with hundreds of episodes. For some of those podcasts I want to just download episodes from the beginning/oldest and then move forward as I listen and NOT download the latest episodes. For other podcasts I would like to be able to download from the beginning and the latest episodes while for yet other podcasts I want to be able to just download the latest automatically.
Is this currently possible? How? If not then would be great new feature.

No, it’s not it - it’s only about sorting sidebar list of subscriptions, not the actual episodes.

In your case, you should simply open the podcast, select sorting by date → ascending and then you will get oldest episodes first and you can download them one by one as you listen to them.

Super and thanks. But that only seems to control what I see in the list of episodes. Is there a way to get Antennapod to download the next episodes etc in order. For example 500 episodes, I have listened to 1-10 and would like episodes 11-15 auto downloaded and then 16 automatically when I have listened to 11 and so on. I do NOT want the latest episode 501.
Is that possible?
Also how do I ensure that episodes are played/queued automatically in the correct order for each subscription?

this OT to this issue so please create new thread :slight_smile:

This is not the case and AFAIR AntennaPod doesn’t have feature that automatically download next episode - you can only specify it would download automatically new episodes when refreshing the list…