Suggested change to default settings

Playback, prefer streaming - seems really weird to have download as default in this day and age, makes for a clunky experience for new users. Perhaps would be good to have the alternate option to what has been set to be available in the long press menu.
User interface, Set compact notifiaction buttons, fast forward is surely more useful than skip track (does anyone really sit and listen through the squarespace ads?)


Yes, I agree with the compact default button, I much prefer fast forwarding most of the time

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The notification buttons will be changed in 2.5:

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Nice one! Another that I just remembered, vibrate when sleep timer is ending is strange to have on by default, gave me a heart attack when it happened for the first time just as I was falling asleep

Do you mean having the streaming as default instead of download?
At least in my country I don’t think people use streaming.

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I agree, No way would I want the downloading functionality be given less prominence in the UI. People accidentally starting to stream when they didn’t mean to and don’t want to would be a source of much more strife for them and the community.

Fair enough, surprising as I think nearly every other podcast app assumes prefer streaming, or at least it’s prominent in the UI.

Alternate suggestion:
Default to prefer streaming, but add an option in the one-off notification that appears first time you stream to “prefer download” or similar, maybe a link to the settings page and highlight the relevant setting so it’s easy to change

If you stream a few times without downloading inbetween, the app asks if you prefer streaming


My opinion is that if streaming is the default mode at least it should be only if using wi-fi.
Otherwise, it should not.

Accidentally streaming may cost money to the user and you may lose some users because of that.

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I would keep the “download” setting for now. It’s different with the notification buttons because AntennaPod has a way to detect/ask if you prefer streaming over downloading but for the notification buttons, that would be way too specific to prompt users for.

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makes sense, notification shouldnt get too complicated.

tried a few other apps and i was wrong before, most of them do seem to prefer download by default. google podcasts handles it pretty nicely having both options easily available without having to worry about settings, but its UI is pretty ineffecient use of space.

perhaps it would be better to just prompt with the question on first launch, rather than have to multi-click stream several times before getting the notification? obviously popups on first launch aren’t desirable but it you cant do worse than castbox with about 10 clicks required to get to into the app after first launch

anyways good to discuss, keep up the great work!

Yeah, that’s the problem. Once you start adding popups on first launch, they will get more and more, making the app a pain to get started with