Suggestions for the App


I recently started using your app and am enjoying it tremendously.
However i do have a few desperately needed ease of life suggestions.

  1. Option to search for keywords in episodes titles. Instead of the
    Podcasts as a whole.

  2. Option to download specific episodes without having to ‘follow’ the
    whole podcast.

  3. A more expansive window while browsing unsubscribed podcasts and episodes.

  4. Option to sort / filter episodes universally.

  5. Auto resume downloads incase of error.

  6. App widget buttons are bunched up to the left (moto g5).

Hopefully these concerns will be considered in the following updates.
Thank you for this wonderful service.

About listening one episode without subscribing you can do it but only if you listen it directly. You can’t add it to queue list.
To do so you have to do as if you were about to subscribe, tap an episode and choose to preview it.