I was wondering what steps i should follow to listen to the following
program on the app. Or if it even is available. It certainly doesn’t
show up under the search results, neither does some of the other shows
that are free to listen to at the site.

(Conversations from a long marriage)

I apologize if this is a silly question, despite having listened to
some i’m still not quite savvy with the whole podcast business. Thank
you for any assistance.

AntennaPod version : 2.4.2
Android : 8.1.0


Like many BBC programmes it seems this is not available as a podcast. The best you can do is subscribe to it in BBC Sounds and stream or download episodes in there.

Or there is the alternative of doing a free download of all the episodes from here

Then it can be played in AP using the Add local folder option in the Add Podcast tab. Or played in another media player app if you prefer.

That’s a shame.
Thank you for the help, much appreciated.

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