Swipe from "Episodes (new)" to add to Queue

2.5.2 (1bc02fd84) (Google play)

Swipe to enqueue from "Episodes " “new” ; this may sound picaninny, but long press, and add to queue slows me down, when I want to add 20 real quickly; or instead add an option to enqueue all new, and I could do the reverse and swipe to remove the ones I don’t want in queue

Thanks for an awesome product. You all are great.
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I have good news: This will be available in AntennaPod 2.7.0 :slight_smile: The “Episodes»New” screen will be renamed to “Inbox” and moved directly to the side bar (other than that, the idea of the screen stays the same). Having its own menu item in the side bar makes it possible to perform swipe actions (otherwise, they would collide with the tabs that it is currently shown in). So it is already implemented, you just need to wait for the update :slight_smile: