Swiping episodes to queue gets stuck if they don't contain media data

App version: 3.1.2 F-Droid
Android version: 14 (Graphene OS)
Device model: Pixel 7 Pro

Current behaviour:
The problem occurs when you swipe to move an episode from the Inbox to the Queue and the episode does not contain a media file (for example, if you have subscribed to a text RSS feed or a YouTube channel). The entry is swiped out, but the list does not “shrink”, so an empty space remains permanently. If you leave the Inbox and open it again, the entry is there again.

Expected behaviour:
The best solution would be to add the entry to the queue in the normal way. This was the behaviour until recently. Even if handling non-podcast feeds is outside the scope of Antennapod, I don’t see why adding them should be prevented.

First occurred: Some update not too long ago. I cannot say for sure.

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