Sync podcasts created as local folders

App version: 2.7.1 (F-Droid)

Android version: 13.x (Lineageos 20)

Device model:
Galaxy s9+

Expected behaviour:
When I play a podcast on one device, sync and then pick up another device and sync it with gpodder sync for nextcloud I expect to get the same play position just like it happens with the RSS podcasts.
The file is in the same path in both devices. Should I file a bug?

Current behaviour:
The current position in each device is independent.

First occurred:
First try of the app

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Download the same folder in two devices
  2. Add each one as a local podcast.
  3. Setup sync with the same server and user on nextcloud on both devices
  4. Listen on one device, sync manually and then listen on the second device to another position, sync manually second device and go back to the first, sync and the play position is not synced.

Environment: The second device is just a redmi note 4 but also with Lineage 20.

Synchronization of local folders is deliberately not supported and I don’t think it will ever be supported. The reason is that simply comparing file paths does not work (Android’s new file access) and that we can never be sure that the folder contents are properly synchronized between devices.

This is a bit frustrating since my primary podcast device has no internet connection, only a connection to a laptop via lan. Most of the features are there for users who can only use local folders, but there are a few missing features that make me want to do something weird like below. Curious if you have any suggestions / alternatives.

I would like it if I could setup a locally hosted RSS feed which downloads the audio files and serves them locally, but I cant figure out how to do this. No RSS reader / podcast software I have found does this.

EG, I have a laptop that clones, downloads the mp3 files, then serves an exact copy feed (execpt that the media file url is different) at http://feed.examplepodcast.localhost. It should also periodicly update with new episodes.

This is desirable to me because I spend a lot of time with my laptop but without an internet connection. If there was some way to clone the rss feed way I can download episodes from the laptop even when I dont otherwise have internet (which is often)

Currently I use syncthing and gpodder desktop but thats depriving me of some really nice features like syncing and playback history.

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