Tag icons?

Would it be possible to introduce the ability to set you own tag icon for display in the Subscriptions screen etc?


I would love this too, and so will this user: Cover art for Tags : antennapod

The idea was to make the tags actually more like tags in the UI, by displaying them as ‘chips’ in the UI: Display podcast tags at the top of the Subscriptions screen · Issue #5318 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

I’d rather have that, as it makes for a compact interface and it’d allow you to filter based on multiple tags (e.g. News and FOSS).

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That would work for me though it would be nice to be able to colour code them as well.

That could be a nice expansion indeed.

We decided at some point for a model of how tags work. We decided that they should not support any metadata like colors or images. And that’s how the database structure is now implemented.

Right. So adding colours would imply quite a major update to change the code and database. Still a nice idea I think, but rather low priority I’d say.