Tags. What do users do with them?

First I want to say that AntennaPod is great just the way it is. I have suggested some new features, but even without them, AntennaPod is by far the best podcast software that I have used.

I am curious about how people use tags. I have set tags on most of the podcasts that i have subscribed to, but after doing so, I am not sure what to do as a result of having them. There are several things that I hoped would be possible, but are not available (perhaps not yet).

What ways are people using tagging of podcast subscription in AntennaPod?

I’m mainly using them to move my non-favorite podcasts out of the way by hiding them inside a tag/folder

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On which screen is that done?

On the normal tag edit screen by un-checking “show in main list”


Are there any other screens other than the subscription screen (as well as in the navigation drawer) where tags influence what is displayed to the user?

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No, currently not. Just the subscriptions list


I don’t use tags. Didn’t know about them and never felt a need for them in AntennaPod or any other podcast player…

I use tags to keep podcasts that no longer receive updates out of the main subscriptions screen.


I use just one tag to group sports podcasts out of the way as a no go area if there may be a spoiler episode for an event I have yet to catch up with.

Thanks for confirming this. I wish it were possible to filter episodes by tag.

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That’s a great idea, Abby, not the least as a way to unclutter the episodes list. I subscribe to a few newscasts that release episodes multiple times a day, some when every hour, and I’m only ever interested in the latest episode. Being able to use tags in the episodes section would be a good way to avoid having these newscasts clutter my episode list. Besides that it could be good for other purposes too.

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I use tags to group various sorts of podcasts (travel, music, bike, politics/news, history, languages etc) and to hide podcasts that don’t update anymore or are not my faves (with the hide from mainlist option). I sort my podcasts by plays, and without tags I would keep listening to the same podcasts but would miss out on a lot of less listened podcasts (well, there are still too many to listen to all of them). It’s more easy to keep track of them as some have names that don’t relate much to the topic.

I use them to group them by topic.

Secondly, lacking alternatives, I use three tags (01D, 07D, 30D) which roughly represent the release intervals. Together with displaying the inbox-counter I get an idea of how much I have left to listen each day, week and month.

I would be glad, if antennapod’s statistics view could show this information automatically.