Text-only view for subscriptions

App version: 2.5.2 (from Google Play)

feature you want: I’d like to have the option for a “text only” view of my subscriptions, a list without the image but just the podcast title (and maybe some info like the number of episodes not listened yet).

Thank you

Suggested solution: There are already the options “image” & “image+title”, I’d like to add a third option “title only”.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

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Isn’t this basically what the side bar already shows?

Well, you are right! Sorry, I didn’t think of that.
It’s a feature I’ve been missing in other apps and didn’t realize it’s already here.

We could close this as ‘solved’ but I’m wondering, in the light of bottom navigation, whether it might not be useful to have such option after all, @ByteHamster (?)


I agree, I think the sidebar should eventually go away at some point, so a list view would not be so bad

Oh, I see you already suggested this in the context of bottom navigation months ago @keunes :smiley:

Anyone up for creating an issue on GitHub for this?

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Oh, really? I don’t remember haha. Where did you see that? GitHub or the forum?

Just above :slight_smile: And I thought I had a new idea when you showed me your bottom navigation mock-ups…