The ability to mark episodes older than selected as 'played'

I subscribe to many news podcasts and am really interested in only the latest episode of each one. If I miss a day or two, these episodes which have downloaded and will never be listened to have to be manually deleted which is time consuming. A previous podcast app I used had the feature to click on any episode and select “mark previous episodes as played”. This offers a way to mark ‘played’ (and thus eligible for deletion) all old episodes which you desire to bypass.
Very useful.

The Multi-Select feature lets you do this:

  • Select first episode to be marked as played
  • Press and hold on episode below and choose Select all below option
    (assuming they are sorted New to Old)
  • Tap the edit icon and choose Mark all as played
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Actually this step not needed - Just Press and Hold last episode to be not marked as played before choosing Select all below.