The case against BottomNavigation

@ByteHamster (Improve toolbar by ueen · Pull Request #6836 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub)

Bottom navigation will do that as well, in a much more “standard” way because it keeps the screens separated instead of trying to squash everything into one screen.

Well “standard” reads not thought through to me - we know about user flow und UX and should integrate that knowledge.
If everything is accessible from home there is no need for BottomNavigation. its occupying space and is worsening the UX in comparison to the sidedrawer, because it is so limited, taking 4-5 items max.

So in the end we loose content space for less useful navigation and worse UX just bc its “standard”?

Too Short, Read More: I dont want to use seperate screens, i only want to use home for the day to day. I know that there are different use cases, but look at it this way: in the default configuration the home screen already serves as a vertical navigation: it provides signposts to all relevant screens, adding a Bottom Navigation to that is redundant. The only way i can imagine how that would make sense is if someone configured something other than home as the default page, something like episodes, which makes only sense as long as the customizability of home is limited. So what i’m arguing for: make home more useful and adaptable, so to make the most of it. And then i firmly believe the need for changing the default page from home dissipates as well with the desire for a bottomnavigation :slight_smile:

Just a AP user here, not a dev, but I would push back on this a bit, that’s not the only reason. I don’t use the Home screen at all, but not because it is limited, it’s because my day to day use of AP is done via the Queue screen. While I could enable just ‘Continue listening’ via Configure Home Screen while in the Home page screen, why do that when I can do that plus more in the Queue screen.


Sure, my point just is that AP should enable and further foster use cases that only require one screen for the day to day, and if that’s queue for you: great!
My use case is different and therefore I need an improved/customizable home screen.
The argument is that most if not all use cases can either be served already by an existing screen or a combination of these in home. Thus dissolving the need to switch screens, for which the BottomNavigation would be implemented.
Anyways, are you familiar with my latest proposal? The queue screen can also be incorporated into home with another element - maybe that’s useful to you too? :slight_smile:

I’ve been watching it peripherally, and I’m always open to seeing how new functionality may fit into my use case, I’m just sensitive when I see things like “only” so wanted to throw out another viewpoint on the situation.

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