The 'Downloads' Setting could be named 'Episodes'

I’m a new user, and after looking at the items under the ‘Downloads’ setting screen, it seems that renaming it ‘Episodes’ would more clearly indicate its purpose. For example, this screen includes the setting ‘New episodes action’, which as far as I can tell isn’t related to downloading.

The term ‘Episodes’ encompasses all of the settings on this screen and, at least to me, is a more intuitive name. Unless I’ve misunderstood the settings under ‘Downloads’.


The Downloads screen shows all episodes that have been downloaded. The existing Episodes screen shows all episodes whether downloaded or not. Both subject to whatever filter options are in use. Though admittedly the Episodes screen does show whether each episode is downloaded or not and can bet filtered to show just downloaded episodes so perhaps there is some redundancy in having the Downloads screen at all.

I appreciate your reply. However, my comments referred to the settings within the Downloads screen that is listed under Settings, not the Downloads screen that appears at the same level as Home, Queue, Inbox, …, Settings, etc.

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I can see where you are coming from as a new user, but a number of the items in that screen in Settings are indeed related to downloads. Another user may have a similar opinion if it was called Episodes and think it should be called Downloads. :slight_smile:

I think the only realistic solution would be to split it out to two screens and that might be more confusing.

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Downloads & Episodes is another option.

Thanks Nilex. I understand. AntennaPod offers an amazing amount of customization and that does make it challenging to organize all its settings. I suppose this is why some products have “simple” and “advanced” versions of their UI, or why set up wizards exist. But I don’t think those would likely be worth the effort here.

Thanks for a great product.


I agree Tony. That naming would have helped me.


Fair point. Looks like there might enough room for that label if others think it would be more helpful. I can see the useful of it since it looks like it would fit in the existing space.

I’m not convinced by “episodes”. It’s very broad and applies to many of the settings that are not on that screen

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