The problem with automatic podcast stopping continues

Good night:

Some time ago I wrote because the playback of chapters stopped
automatically and you gave me the solution to change the internal player
of the application. I’ve tried all three players, and the same thing
happens with all, so the problem continues:

  • I have discovered that starting the application and giving Play, the
    podcast, until its completion, works correctly.
  • If the podcast ends and the next one in the queue starts, after 1-2
    minutes, it stops.
  • If I stop the playback with a bluetooth headset, and resume it, the
    podcast stops.
  • If I work with the floating widget of the application on the phone’s
    lock screen with the one on the top bar of the mobile home screen, the
    podcast stops.

I have Android 10 with MIUI 12 (recently updated from MIUI 11 to 12, and
in both layers of customization it happens to me). All power saving
options, being in the background and the like, are active to avoid outages.
I thought that with the bug fixes of version 2 (I currently have 2.0.3)
it could be fixed, but it has not been.
I have been spending the application for many years and from the
beginning it worked fine until a few months ago it worked fine.
It only happens to me with this application (Spotify and others work
correctly) and on my Huawei tablet, with EMUI 8.0 and Android 8.0 it
seems that everything works fine.

I am letting you know to see if you can take any other action or you
can communicate it to the APP developers to try to correct it since it
did not happen before and I love this application, for being very good,
and for being free!

Many thanks.