Tinted colors

I’m finishing the translation, but I’m not sure about the meaning of the “tinted colors” feature. I understand that the app colors can change dinamically based on the background image.

Can anyone please confirm or let me know what this feature does?


It’s also called “Material You”, introduced in Android 12. The idea is that all apps change their main colors to colors extracted from the wallpaper image. So if you set a red wallpaper, buttons etc in AntennaPod will be red instead of blue.

I concur when I translated I needed to do some internet search to confirm it was material you.
Afterward another translator asked about it on transifex and it has been confirmed it was material you / dynamic theme.

I thought there has been a commit to change name but can’t find it? I think it should really be renamed. On internet all I can find as name is mainly “dynamic theme”.

Found it: Make description of tinted theme more clear by ByteHamster · Pull Request #6283 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

@ByteHamster did you push translations since then?

Sorry, I forgot to push that change to Transifex. Did so just now


Thank everybody, now I’ve finished the translation. “Dynamic colors” is much better :blush:

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