Toggling played state (optionally) resets progress and removes from queue

It seems that toggling played state on an episode simply greys it out.

When I’m done with an episode (without finishing it) I like to mark it as played. I wish this would/could also reset the progress (which is the behaviour in other apps from my experience), and remove it from the queue, since I’m ‘done’ listening to it by marking it ‘played’.

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I’m encountering the same scenario I believe.

There is a specific podcast I listen to (Cordkillers) where on the main feed on a weekly basis the main show is published as well as some additional episodes called It’s Spoilerin’ Time (usually 3 episodes a week). I don’t necessarily want to listen to each of the additional episodes because they may be shows I’m not interested in or want to watch but haven’t yet so I want to skip those episodes.

When I marked the additional episodes I didn’t want to listen to as played I expected them to disappear from the queue just like what happens but I listen to the main show and instead of marking it as played simply listen to all of it which would seem to be the same end result.

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I think (perhaps) this was overlooked since the app is geared towards downloading episodes. There’s an option to delete the download once marked as played, and there’s an option to remove from queue when a download is deleted. So if we had first downloaded the episode we were listening to, then the behaviour would be closer to what we expect (i.e. removing from queue). Though resetting the progress also seems to be overlooked.

I’m a Java dev so I’d like to implement the feature myself - but I’ve never contributed to an open source project like this - I don’t want to put all the effort into submitting a PR and have it rejected. Ideally someone with seniority can tell me if what I’m suggesting sounds reasonable…?

We plan to add another status in addition to “played” called “not interested”. That one will remove from the queue, delete, hide the episode, etc.

Maybe simply Hide is enough of a name but I guess “not interested” works, seems like it would work for some feeds that duplicate episodes for some reason and stuff

My view is that Not Interested is as much of a misnomer as Played as there are other reasons to remove an episode from the episode list etc. Perhaps Finished With or just Finished?


When I listen to an episode in its entirety, it is removed from the queue, and there is an option to auto-delete as well. My thinking is, that by flagging something as ‘played’, it should mimick this behavior - I’m manually flagging that I consider this episode to be finished - ideally this would also reset the progress (same as when I’ve actually completed it). Just my humble two cents :slight_smile: I appreciate the response.

I totally agree with your comment @bun.

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