Too many media notifications. Why?

App version: 2.0.3 (81e2be8f2) from Google Play

Android version: 11

Device model: Pixel 2

Expected behaviour: A sane amount of notifications in the media

Current behaviour: Too many notifications in the media bar. I don’t know why they are there.

First occurred: Once updated to Android 11

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Listen to several podcasts from queue
  2. Notice many media notifications. See screenshot

Environment: I am using bluetooth headphones.


Welcome and thanks for joining the forum. I don’t know why this happens, I had the same thing when I updated to Android 11. I could be wrong and hopefully @ByteHamster can give the correct answer. But what solved it for me was changing my settings for how a podcast is handled after an episode has completed. I changed it to delete immediately, where I previously I had set to delete after 24 hours.

That may only be a temporary solution and it may actually be a bug.

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We already have this tracked on GitHub but unfortunately I have no idea why this happens. Android 11 changed something related to their media notifications. Until this is fixed, Android has a setting to stop displaying the notification as soon as the media session ends (it’s somewhere next to those notifications).

That’s interesting. Not sure if it fixes all cases, though (I can reproduce this even when pressing just play+pause on one single episode). I will have a look if the deletion setting has an influence for me, too.

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I couldn’t find the Android setting to stop displaying the notifications.

Swipe the media player section to the side:


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