Transfer Antennapod database from a broken mobile to a new mobile phone

my mobile phone fell down and the screen is broken.
Thus I can’t perform the export feature any more.
Is there a way to transfer my Antennapod database from a broken mobile to a new mobile phone?
I still can connect the phone to the pc and copy data.

App version: 2.4.1 ( from Google )

Android version: unknown

Device model: bq Aquaris X2

Easy to get your old podcasts. Just navigate to the directory ANDROID/DATA/de.danoeh.antennapod/files/media there you will find folders containing all the mp3 files of any podcast you have downloaded.

I also suspect that if you copied the whole de.danoeh.antennapod directory into the new phone you might have the whole thing restored. Maybe

Restoring that media folder does not restore the “played” status. It does not even restore the “downloaded” status but you can use the “local folder” feature to still play them on the new device.

If you did not create a database export, did not enable synchronization (and did not connect the phone to your PC’s developer options), there is unfortunately nothing that could be done to recover the database :frowning:

Hi @Robert_R,

Thanks for chipping in on our forum. Sorry to hear that you’re stuck. As @ByteHamster already indicated, the crucial part is to get AntennaPod database.

I was in a kinda similar situation in the past, though my screen sometimes worked very briefly. In that semi-lucky situation I could quickly unlock my phone to enable computer access via USB. And then use the tool scrcpy to navigate around the phone properly via my computer.

Is your screen completely broken (no image at all and no touch capturing)? Also, if you can still access the files, I’m wondering if it’s possible to ‘hack’ your phone to enable this scrcpy tool.

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