Transferring to another phone, total statistics?

Hello. I’m sorry if this has already been answered but a quick look I couldn’t find an answer, only Google to antenna pod was coming up.

I am transferring to another phone and have been using gpodder on next cloud to sync subs and played etc. This has worked out okay.
Unfortunately the total played statistics has not transferred and as I have been using the old phone a long time I’d like to keep this as I find it a neat feature with the graph and that.

I have not done a backup and restore within the antenna pod apps incase it makes things out of sync but willing to do so if someone knows if and how it can be done for the total statistics to be copied/restored as well.

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I certainly understand wanting to transfer the maximum amount of information from your old phone to your new one. Fortunately, no cloud synchronization is necessary. That’s mainly for if you’re using multiple devices, but your goal is to stop using multiple devices.

You will want to export your AntennaPod database from the old phone and then import the database on the new phone. (Database export/import is much more comprehensive than OPML export/import, which is how people like me migrated their subscriptions from Google Podcasts to AntennaPod.)

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Thank you kindly for your answer. Yes, I suppose the Gpodder app that I setup within Nextcloud, that I was treating it as a means to do more of a backup than for syncing. Now that I know this, then from time to time I will create an exported file and that is what I will do now between the phones. Thank you again. Adam

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As of version 3.4, there is an automatic backup every 3 days feature found in Settings → Import/Export

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