Translation for some strings cannot be submitted

I am doing translation for Czech language and noticed that there are handful of strings for which I can’t save the translation. I tried different things - manual translate, copy of the original string, accepting auto translate suggestion but nothing helps - the ‘Save’ button stays disabled. It works for most other strings but as said - there are few where I can’t save. Any idea why that is?

Here is one example:

Edit - I completed the Czech translation and am left with 5 strings that can’t be submitted:

  • num_episodes
  • new_episode_notification_message
  • new_episode_notification_title
  • deleted_multi_episode_batch_label
  • pref_autoUpdateIntervallOrTime_every_hours
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Maybe those strings are reviewed and that’s why you can’t change it because your rights are not high enough.
If users wich have reviewers right (you can see that looking at users in your language team) are not active you should ask to be a reviewer. If they’re I suggest to leave a comment (adding an issue) hoping they are looking at them.

It would be good now that this forums exists to ask translators to follow it and use it as a support to signal when someone think there is a problem in a string he can’t edit. Transifex it’s not really good at it : problems signaled are not language specifics. There is 2 issues since months…

After though : did you notice on your screen it’s a string with multiple forms. Maybe you didn’t translated all of them?

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Thank you @merlin for providing Czech translations! I think that @Matth78 is right - strings can be locked for review, but that’s not the problem here. The 1, few, many and other all need to be completed. Here you can see what these categories are in Czech:

Hope that helps, but please let us know if there’s anything else.

In my ‘Announcements’ I did point to the forum, but not sure it actually helps, since there are also tools available in Transifex directly. So it’s convenient for translators to ask directly in the environment they’re already in.
EDIT: The 2 issues that you refer to are still there, unfortunately. It’s annoying, but Transifex shows the ‘issue’ label for the string as a whole, regardless which language the issue is in. So they only concern Norwegian and Danish, but we all see them…

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Thanks a lot for the hints - you were right, the issue was that there were multiple forms to translate - I was not aware of this feature :slight_smile: Czech is now 100%.


Thanks again for your contributions!