Triggering download of items in Queue

App version: 2.6.2

Android version: 13

Device model: Pixel 5

I added a bunch of things to the Queue while I was off wifi (told it to “enqueue”). Now I have a lots of items in the queue that are not downloaded.

I expected that as soon as I get on wifi, AP will start downloading the pending items in my Queue (in Queue order).

Failing that, I expected that there’s a button to download them all but if it exists, it’s nowhere I can find. The refresh button does not do it and there’s nothing in the 3 dots of the Queue UI.

I don’t think “in the Queue but needs the user to click download again” is a useful state for an episode to be in and if that is a state that some people want, it should be explicit, i.e. it should not be something that just happens because you were off wifi when you added it to the queue, it should be something that’s part of the “add the Queue” UI.

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